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It is my extreme honor to introduce to you my cosmetic line, Parris Galore Collection. I am so excited to share my dream with you! I created this brand with every type of woman in mind! The very foundation of Parris Galore was built on the principle of providing quality, high-end, and handcrafted products to your fingertips.  I sincerely believe every woman deserves to feel beautiful regardless of the many hats she may wear. Who said conquering the world couldn’t be dazzling? It is my hope that you find our products, items you can be proud to carry and have on your vanity.

Parris Galore Collection is a reflection of the love for fashion, hair, and cosmetics that was embedded in me early as a little girl. The Queendom of the Parris women in my family has always been mighty! From my mother, classic pearls, diamonds and sapphires, to auntie with a full length fur coat gracefully gliding the floor, to grandma with every dress matched with the perfect pair of heels and hats, to my cousin with a hairstyle for every occasion; I was taught then and reminded now luxury is a lifestyle! I am proud to stand in a bloodline amongst some of the strongest, boldest, and most resilient women in the world and I wanted to share all of this beauty with you!

I hope you enjoy every bit of the products I have chosen to be a part of our collection. Stay tuned there is more to come! And remember at Parris Galore, beauty is luxury!

xoxo, Melissa Lee

Parris Galore Owner Melissa Lee

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